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The 2024 Kyushu-Ateneo Philosophy and Education (KAPE) Colloquium

After a hiatus during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Kyushu-Ateneo Philosophy and Education (KAPE) Colloquium reconvened this year for our fourth run, this time at Ateneo de Manila University.

It was a pleasure for Dr Lovelyn Paclibar and me to host Dr Anton Sevilla-Liu, Catherine Sevilla-Liu and Sakiko Himori at Ateneo. The two-day colloquium was overflowing with stimulating discussion around the themes of narrativity, cura personalis, and education through Cathie and Anton's workshop on narrative practice, and paper presentations from Sakiko, Lovelyn, Serge Gabriel, Aves Avecilla, and Beaujorne Ramirez. The conversations – participated in not only by faculty and graduate students of the Philosophy Department, but also by colleagues from the Theology Department and the GB School of Education and Learning Design – were exciting, challenging, and intellectually engaging.

Photos by Jam Mahaguay and Gevans Gueco

Tomorrow, we give our Kyushu guests a bit of a breather, with a lighter schedule that will include a morning guided tour of the Ateneo Art Gallery at Areté. Their visit will culminate with Anton's on-campus public lecture on Clinical Pedagogy in the afternoon.

It's been a fantastic KAPE 2024, and we are excited for the new plans and projects that these days together have generated.

(KAPE 2024 was supported by a Kwan Laurel Grant, through the ADMU School of Humanities. The help of the Department of Philosophy staff, and student assistants Dr Ker Valeriano, Vince Halog, Gevans Gueco, Jam Mahaguay and Gyuri Cruz have been invaluable as well.)

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