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My research interests lie in the intersection of education and philosophy, and education and political thought. I am currently involved in research projects on the following themes: (1) mathematics education and social justice, (2) citizenship education in post-conflict situations, (3) critical social theory and the Philippine context, and (4) the concept of educational attunement.

Selected Recent Conference Presentations

2022 Towards reparational research: Decolonial critique and postcolonial creation. Keynote lecture. Ustinov College Annual Conference, 25–25 June 2022, Durham University, Durham, England.

2021 Teaching nationalism in schools: Decolonising the debate. Paper presentation. Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain Annual Conference, 3 September 2021, Online.

2019 Is a different type of nationalism possible?: Reconceptualising national identity for a new decade. Invited plenary lecture. Philosophical Association of the Philippines Midyear Conference, 16 November 2019, UP Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines.

2019  Theorising schools as cultural playgrounds: A decolonised understanding of cultural education in schools. (Paper within a refereed symposium.) BERA Annual Conference, 12 Sept 2019, University of Manchester.

2019 “Schools are not political but social”: An Arendtian Perspective on Schools and Minority Cultures. Refereed paper presentation. PESGB Annual Conference, 30 March 2019, Oxford University.

2018  Hannah Arendt’s Insights on Communality and Teacher Authority in Schools: Possibilities for a Culturally-Rooted Approach to Asian Education. (Paper within a refereed symposium.) BERA Annual Conference, 13 September 2018, Northumbria University.

2017  Schools as social spaces: Hannah Arendt’s theory of schools. PESA Annual Conference, 2 December 2017, Newcastle, Australia. 

Selected Academic Publications 

Browning, P.; Highet, K.; Azada-Palacios, R.;  Douek, T.; Gong, E. Y.; Sunyol, A. 2022. Conspiring to decolonise language teaching and learning: reflections and reactions from a reading group. London Review of Education. DOI: 10.14324/LRE.20.1.42

Opiniano, G. A.; Jackson, L.; Cortez, F. G. F.... Azada-Palacios, R. 2021. Philosophy of education in a new key: A collective writing project on the state of Filipino philosophy of education. Educational Philosophy and Theory.   DOI: 10.1080/00131857.2021.2008357

Azada-Palacios, R. A. 2021. School as social spaces: Towards an Arendtian consideration of multicultural education. Journal of Philosophy of Education 55(4-5): 564-576. DOI: 10.1111/1467-9752.12577

Tesar, M.; Hytten, K.; Hoskins, T. K.... Azada-Palacios, R.... Jackson, L. 2021. Philosophy of education in a new key: Future of philosophy of education. Educational Philosophy and Theory. DOI: 10.1080/00131857.2021.1946792 

Azada-Palacios, R. A. 2021. Hybridity and national identity in post-colonial schools. Educational Philosophy and Theory. DOI: 10.1080/00131857.2021.1920393

Cheong, S. M.; Azada-Palacios, R.; Beye, K.; Lang, A.; Saud, N. & Tong, Y. 2021 (in press). Collective autobiographical reflexivity on active and compassionate and active citizenship in the COVID-19 crisis. Perspectives in Education. DOI: 10.18820/2519593X/pie.v39.i1.19

Azada-Palacios, R .A. 2019.  Arendt and teacher education. Chapter in Encyclopaedia of Teacher Education. Springer.

Azada-Palacios, R. A. & Mariano, P. J. 2012.  Education of ethnic minorities in the Philippines. Chapter in Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education. James Banks, editor. Sage.

Azada-Palacios, R. A. 2008. Self-revelation and political consciousness: Insights from Hannah Arendt. In Rolando Gripaldo & Jove Jim S. Aguas, (eds.), Philosophical Papers: Selected Papers Delivered at PAP Conferences, vol. 3, 102-108.

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