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Conversations4Citizenship, our citizenship and human rights education podcast is live!

It's been an immense privilege to work with some colleagues from UCL -- Dr Stella Micheong Cheong, Adam Peter Lang, and Kamille Beye -- together with our production team composed of Dain Jeong and Heejin Ban -- to produce Conversations4Citizenship, an international podcast on citizenship and human rights education.

The four of us were all doctoral students at the UCL Institute of Education, but began to collaborate more closely over our citizenship education reading group, which began before the pandemic, but continued on into the pandemic.

We have been fortunate to have been given a UCL Changemakers Grant to produce this podcast, and two episodes are already live, the introductory first episode, and our interview with human rights education expert Professor Hugh Starkey.

Please do download and listen; we plan to come up with new episodes at least every month!

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