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Our panel on decolonizing education in the Philippines

It was a pleasure to be in a panel with friends Raphael Yabut and Luther Aquino earlier this week at the University of the Philippines - Cebu conference, 'Decolonial perspectives: Reclaiming our rights as people from the Global South'. It was a panel that grew out of the decoloniality reading group that Yabs and I organized in the first half of the year.

The conference is still ongoing; it was our honor to be the first panel on Day 2. Luther's paper was titled, 'Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy: Negotiating Indigenous Gender Variance in the Philippine Classroom,' Yabs' was 'Liberating Religious Education', and I spoke about the work I did in my PhD thesis on decolonizing the teaching of national identity. A highlight of the day was catching Prof Boventura de Sousa-Santos' plenary later that afternoon.

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