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Educating future ancestors for climate justice

I attended the Philosophy of Education Society annual conference in the US this year. I've attended before, but only online (during the pandemic lockdowns), so it was my first time to attend in person.

Although the theme of the conference was 'democratic education in undemocratic times', there were a number of presentations about the environmental crises, and I left the conference with my mind brimming with new ideas and new potential directions, as someone just beginning to explore this area of scholarly work. My own presentation, 'Educating future ancestors for climate justice' was part of a 'work-in-progress' session at which I was one of three panelists who presented their works in progress. The committee did a good job of putting our works together, and the combination of our works (I presented alongside Alan Bainbridge and Brandon Edwards-Schuth), all of which were about environmental education, made for very interesting conversation, facilitated excellently by LeAnn Holland.

I was very grateful for the feedback from the audience about my presentation. It was very encouraging, and I'm excited to work further on this paper.

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